On Prizes and what they Mean

I thought that winning the McIlvanney Prize would be one of the proudest moments of my life. Sharing it with my fellow short-listers felt better. Find out how it happened….

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On the nature of gods: an interview

In this episode of the Hedge School podcast, I speak to Dr Sharon Blackie about contemporary shamanic practice, and whether it is possible to recreate an authentic spiritual practice based on what little we know about the traditions followed by our ancestors.

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A Darkness of Knights

A story podcast based on the unproved, but I think reasonable notion that Charles took his natural-born daughter with him as his squire in at least some of his fights: she was trained by someone, after all,  and she hated the English with a passion…. 

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Song in the Stones

Finding the Song in the Stones is a podcast about how the Boudica: Dreaming series came into being, from a first, magical visit to the Brochs that opened new doors to, many years later, an encounter with a hare.

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Writing Into the Fire

Into the Fire is the culmination of a fourteen year writing apprenticeship.  This podcast looks at how I came to find the truth behind the myth of Jeanne d’Arc, how it merges with a contemporary thriller and how each thread fed into the other.

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Me on Radio 4’s Front Row

So today I got to meet one of my all time super-heroes – and she was every bit as amazing as I’d imagined… which is really rather wonderful.

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