Rome: The Art of War

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Kate Atherton

‘There isn’t another writer of historical fiction quite like M.C. Scott’

Parmenion Books

‘A truly action packed emotional ride from start to finish.’

Princeton University Library

‘Scott excels in portraying raw emotion in flawed human beings’

Rome: AD69, The Year of the Four Emperors.Three Emperors have ruled in Rome this year and a fourth, Vespasian, has been named in the East. As the legions march toward civil war, Sebastos Pantera, the spy whose name means leopard, returns to Rome intent on bribery, blackmail and persuasion: whatever it takes to bring the commanders and their men to Vespasian’s side. But in Rome, as he uses every skill he has ever learned of subterfuge, codes and camouflage, it becomes clear that one of those closest to him is a traitor, who will let Rome fall to destroy him. Together the two spies spin a web of deceit with Rome as the prize and death the only escape.