• My Best Book Picks of 2015

    It’s not true that I read books through the year solely to give you the ideal winter presents for your nearest and dearest – but the fact that I DO read through the year means that if you’re stuck for anything AT ALL, then this is your answer – for friends, family and particularly for […]

  • The Silk Factory

    The Silk Factory – Ghosts and History.  With the new design of our journal, we decided it would be interesting to host blog posts by other writers.  This is our first – from the magnificently talented Judith Alnatt, whose book, “The Silk Factory’, has just come out. When a friend told me that she was […]

  • Review: ‘Savage Magic’ by Lloyd Shepherd

    So: full disclosure first:  Lloyd Shepherd is the treasurer of the HWA, of which I am Chair.   But he’s treasurer largely because I read his first book, thought, ‘here is a man with a brain the size of a planet, an imagination to match and insight into humanity that is rarely found and even more […]

  • ‘The Spider of Sarajevo’ by Robert Wilton

    Those of you who write will be familiar with the phenomenon where you, the author, are reading a book – for pleasure – and you find yourself editing it in your head as you go.  You delete paragraphs that weren’t necessary. You shave off the blubber and sharpen the plot points that are hidden in […]

  • The Madness of July by James Naughtie

    Most of the authors whose books pass across my desk these days are names I’ve never heard of.  And then there’s the one whose voice we wake up to, who brings us the news in that melting-chocolate brogue, with the rolling Rs and the vowels that hark back to the glens.  And he hosts the […]

  • ‘Knights of the Hawk’ by James Aitcheson

    Battle books comes in all shapes and sizes – there are the shooty-stabby (thank you to outstanding ECW author, Mike Arnold, for that phrase) books of the civil war and on, of which Robert Wilton’s Treason’s Tide is one of the most outstanding, and then there are the FFF (fighting, fornicating and passing wind, in […]