• Solstice Blog-Hop: Mithras and the older gods

    It’s that time of year, what my friend John Barratt calls, ‘Mithrastide’: the time of consumerism and consumptionism where affluenza strikes the entire western world promulgated in the name of a child who was never born, in a place that didn’t exist, who grew to be a non-man who preached poverty and compassion and whose […]

  • Winter solstice 2011 – Exactly one year until 13 Baktun

    So….twelve months from now, to the day, we’ll hit the date the Maya named 13 Baktun, 4 Ahau, 3 Kankin – the date on which their calendar heralds the end of a ‘World Age’ and the beginning of the next. The last world age turned over in August 3114 BC and nobody, not even the […]

  • Why your god is not the One True God

    This is a parable, so sit and listen carefully. Put aside your prejudice and your cares and let your mind wander free.  Imagine that I am a fisher in a small village, somewhere that lives from the product of the sea. Or perhaps you are the fisher. We are fishing.  I/you/we go out one day […]

  • I do not want your God

    I found this poem on a site that referred to the blog against theocracy. It’s written by a native american, which is evident if you read it. I do not want your god. You say the devil is in the wilderness, But the greatest peace I have ever known is with the sun shining bright, The […]