• On Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and evidence based thought

    Let’s clear two things out of the way:  the plural of anecdote is not evidence, but on the other hand, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Now we’re free of the obvious clichés.  And so I can relate a story or two.  The first is of a friend from way back in my […]

  • Singularity is Transcendence?

    I’ve been saying this for a while: more than global warming (which is huge and affects more than us), more than antibiotic resistance as a result of indiscriminate use (which may yet reduce us to medieval medicine and should do rather a lot to enhance the status of homoeopathy, herbalism and acupuncture), more than the […]

  • Bra-less is best

    Some of us have always known this – but at last we have actual scientific proof that bras are worse than useless. As reported here in the Huffington Post  and here in a Franco-English online paper BRAS do nothing to help support a woman’s breasts and could even be doing damage. Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of […]

  • The Matilda Effect: Unconscious bias in science -and reading

    There was a time when I thought I wasn’t a feminist.  I was young, gay (in all senses) and worked in the male-dominated field of veterinary surgery and truly believed that as long as I could anaesthetise the next horse and get it safely back on its feet without killing it – which is a […]

  • Of heartbreak and trail breaking and seeing sense: a moral of persistence with a happy ending

    So, photographer Anne Almasy decided it’s time she submitted her first  ad to a wedding magazine – in the US, where, as we know, the whole ‘gay marriage kills straight people and eats their firstborn children’ meme is a tad more powerfully developed than it is in the UK (where only the Tory candidate for […]

  • A Poem: “If I Were Pope”, by Jan Phillips

    This… What more can I say? A poem from Jan Phillips: “If I Were Pope” If I were pope I’d proclaim the end of my infallibility and banish the word sin from the doctrines of faith I’d ask half the bishops and cardinals to replace themselves with a thoughtful woman and complete their ministries in […]