Into the Fire: Feedback so far

May 24, 2015

Praise for Into the Fire

‘Into the Fire is a wonderful blend of fast and furious action, bravura storytelling, a palpable sense of place — Orléans past and present — and a whodunnit that will keep you guessing until the final pages.  Fabulous.’   Kate Mosse

Into the Fire is a remarkable achievement. The dual narrative structure is ingenious and never feels laboured. There are important themes here – about the power of the stories we tell and the vital importance of history in framing the present. But the thematic richness never overpowers the story-telling. Joan of Arc shines from the pages, brilliant and vivid. Her 21st Century counterpart, Capitaine Ines Picault of the French police is a memorable and feisty heroine. Comparisons to Dan Brown will be inevitable; here we have a modern murder with its roots in a historical mystery. But Into the Fire is in a class of its own – a beautifully written, clever page-turner of a book.   Antonia Senior

‘Manda Scott is an amazing writer who constantly subverts our expectations. As a historical novelist, she has a habit of showing us the familiar – from Boudicca to first-century Rome – from unexpected angles. In the process, her books reveal overlooked truths about the past. Her crime novels and thrillers, on the other hand, display an author entirely at home with the issues and technologies of the present, as well as a mistress of her craft. Into The Fire is [her] best book yet, which is saying a great deal. It’s not just a crackingly good thriller and a ground-breaking historical novel. It also changes the way we think about a key episode in history. In the process, it shows – both in the past and the present – society’s uncomfortably ambivalent reactions to women who stick their heads above parapets, real and metaphorical. Perhaps things haven’t changed that much in 600 years.’    Andrew Taylor

Scott has written a book that so immersed me that when I finished, it was like surfacing after a deep dive into another world. Manda Scott has crafted a very fine book. I love the prose, I love the history, I love the adventure. This one is going on my best reads keeper shelf. Manda Scott’s writing is so grippingly vivid that once you begin reading, it becomes your reality. Highly recommended.   Elizabeth Chadwick

‘This marvelous book presents readers with an overflowing cornucopia of romance, horror, mounting anguish and two layers of baffling, disturbing mystery enlivened by a crowd of all-too-human people, ancient and modern. it is exceptionally well-paced, and altogether a real treat.’   Historical Novels Review 

In Into the Fire, Manda Scott expertly blends a very plausible solution to a genuine historical mystery with a compulsive contemporary thriller. The result, as the title suggests, is intoxicatingly fiery reading.’   Robert Goddard 

‘Into the Fire is in a word, magnificent. Page turning. Visceral. Mesmerising. Evocative – it’s so evocative. It’s filthy-nailed, sweat- stained, blood-drenched, gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, passion-wrenching. It’s everything I want a book to be – and as good as the finest historical fiction that’s out there. If there’s one book you go out and buy this year, make it Into the Fire. It’s a stormer of a read. Six stars out of five.  Ben Kane

‘Scott probably has not yet achieved the huge audience her writing deserves. Into the Fire could change that. It is more pared-down than some of her other books, yet is riveting for both the pulse-pounding action and the moral and character complexity…What separates Into the Fire from many a time-slip novel is that neither narrative seems shoehorned in; Inés and Tomas’ fascinating journeys complement rather than compete.’ Tom Tivnan, The Bookseller 


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