Nov 28, 2014

  • Into the Fire
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    INTO THE FIRE is the culmination of a fourteen year writing apprenticeship.  This podcast looks at how I came to find the truth behind the myth of Jeanne d’Arc, how it merges with a contemporary thriller and how each thread fed into the other.

  • Stone Song
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    FINDING THE SONG IN THE STONES is the story of how the Boudica: Dreaming series came about, from a first, magical visit to the Brochs that opened new doors and how, many years later, an encounter with a hare sparked the books into being.

  • Radio Four Front Row
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    So today, publication day, I got to meet one of my all time super-heroes – and she was every bit as amazing as I’d imagined… which is really rather wonderful.    Samira Ahmed is charming, intelligent, thoughtful – and she liked the book. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    To hear the podcast of the programme (18/06/15)  discussing Into the Fire.


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