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A New Project for a New World

Accidental Gods is a podcast and a membership programme, both aiming to bring us closer to the edge of emergence into a new, flourishing, generative, equitable system where the human and more-than-human worlds thrive equally.

We know that the future is here, it’s just very unevenly distributed.  We know that we have all the solutions to the meta-crisis, but we need to change our underlying system of values if we’re going to swerve the bus that is humanity away from the edge of extinction’s cliff.  

The Membership is a structured series of exercises designed to help anyone, anywhere to become more fully integrated with the web of life – if we can find our place as part of the greater web, then we are well on the way to becoming the good keystone species the biosphere needs.  (we’re already a keystone species, just not a very good one).  So in essence, we offer a suite of meditations, guided visualisations and other resources, community support, and exclusive content to empower individuals on their journey of personal and collective transformation, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

The Podcast aims to the same point – if we can give voice to some of the many people who are already walking the paths to a different future, we can build an unstoppable momentum for change.  Through interviews, discussions, and deep dives into various topics, it delves deep into themes as diverse as regenerative culture, and economics, regenerative power production and hydrogen fuel cell cars, indigenous spirituality, psychotropics, politics and regenerative design. It seeks to inspire listeners to engage in meaningful dialogue and take action towards creating a more sustainable and harmonious future. 

With both, our aim is to bring about a worldwide shift in the sense of what it is to be human: collectively to step aside from the doomscrolling that occupies so much of our attention and move together towards a future we’d be proud to leave behind. There is still time. We can still do this.  But it’s going to take everyone, all pulling together. The membership programme and the podcast aim to help everyone get onto the same page.




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