“A meticulously detailed book with a fascinating plot”



“Scott’s trademark lyricism and sensitivity to character collide head on with dangerous plot twists that seem to work effortlessly. The climax is one of the most powerfully written set pieces to appear in historical fiction in the last ten years.”


“Manda Scott writes with rich imagination and brilliantly reconstructs history before your eyes.”


“This mesmerising story creates a living past of battle feats, betrayals, heartbreaking loyalties and cruelties


“Full of both psychological and political meat and written in lyrical and sensitive prose…this is her most powerful and compelling book of the series ”

Boudica: Dreaming the Hound

AD 57: much of Britannia has been under Roman occupation for over ten years, with key areas in the south and east administered as vassal states, where the tribes pay costly tithes to the Emperor in return for the right to continue living on their own lands.

On the sacred isle of Mona, the Boudica or Bringer of Victory as Breaca has long been hailed, now knows for certain that her lover, Caradoc – betrayed, captured and kept hostage in Rome – will never return to her. She decides to leave Mona where she and her warriors have been waging a guerilla war, and to take the fight to the Eceni heartland where it is needed most. With her are her children, Cunomar and Grainne, and her best friend from childhood, ex-lover and dreamer, Airmid.

But the once proud Eceni are a downtrodden and defeated people who are forbidden on pain of death to worship their old gods, and now scrape a living from the once fertile land.Across the sea in Hibernia, Breaca’s half-brother Ban, is struggling to make peace with his fractured past. Soon, provoked by Roman aggression, he will sail to Britain to protect Mona, and from there he will go to Camulodinum, and, united with his sister, he and Breaca will face down the might of Rome in the bloodiest revolt the western world has ever known.

A tale of passion and redemption, of hope and despair, of truth and commitment and the nature of gods, Dreaming the Hound takes us to the darkest hour before battle, and the courage it takes to face it.

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