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Rome: The Coming of the King

It is A.D.66, a summer ripe with rebellion. The burning of Rome is done and Saulos Herodian recuperates amongst the Berber tribes in the desert plotting the destruction of Jerusalem for he believes that “if Rome burned under the eye of the dog star, then Jerusalem might be sundered and in its place…might grow something wonderful…Judea must fall for that to happen.” He has a new ally, the deadly Iksahra sur Anmer who uses falcons and cheetah as readily as a sword and the start of his new great game is to murder King Agrippa.Set against him is Sebastos Pantera, the spy whose name means ‘Leopard’.

Recovering from Rome’s fire, his mission, once taken only under sufferance, has become personal: he will hunt Saulos to the ends of the earth and kill him, or be killed by him.

But his prey is cunning, subtle and ruthless. Saulos has pledged to bring about the destruction of Rome and her provinces and now fate, good luck and planning have given him the means to do so.It will take the strategies of a master hunter to combat the brilliance of Saulos’ plan, but Pantera has a new ally, a king in the making who could change the future of his people; a man he can finally trust. If they work together, they could bring a province back from the edge of ruin.

But first, they must attempt the impossible; an assault on an invulnerable fortress, where failure means death to them both.

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