“A masterpiece in historical fiction”



“Brutal, touching, learned and above all captivating. This story of defeat and victory in Rome’s war with Parthia had me hooked from the first page


“Enthralling … Gladiator meets Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy... ”


“A tale that shines like the Eagle at its heart. I suspect that no one else writes like M.C.Scott. I am certain plenty wish they could.”


Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth succeeds thrillingly. It’s gripping, absorbing and thoroughly entertaining, right to the last moment of desperate action and decision.”

Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth

They are known as the Legion of the Damned…

Throughout the Roman Army, the Twelfth Legion is notorious for its ill fortune. It faces the harshest of postings, the toughest of campaigns, the most vicious of opponents. For one young man, Demalion of Macedon, joining it will be a baptism of fire. And yet, amid all of the violence and savagery of his life as a legionary, he realizes he has discovered a vocation – as a soldier and a leader of men. He has come to love the Twelfth and all the bloody-minded, dark-hearted soldiers he calls his brothers.

But just when he has found a place in the world, all that he cares about is ripped from him. During the brutal Judaean campaign, the Hebrew army inflict defeat upon the legion – not only decimating their ranks, but taking away their soul, the eagle. There is one final chance to save the legion’s honour – to steal back the eagle.

To do that, Demalion and his legionaries must go undercover into Jerusalem, into the very heart of their enemy – where discovery will mean the worst of deaths – if they are to recover their pride. And that, in itself, is a task worthy only of heroes.

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