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“An epic drama of love and betrayal, war and vengeance … an extraordinarily imaginative exercise in historical reconstruction”


“Utterly convincing and compelling. ”


“One of the boldest of recent adventures in historical fiction.”


“An extraordinary work combining history and imagination. At times I was moved to tears, at others, immensely proud to be bred from a tradition that made warriors of women”

Boudica: Dreaming the Bull

AD 53: Britain is a nation under foreign occupation.  Rome rules in the south and east with an iron hand.  The warriors of the tribes are forbidden to own weapons under pain of death. Dreamers are crucified, as are those who help them. In the west, the woman known as the Boudica, Bringer of Victory, marshals her armies intent on driving the invaders back across the sea.  With her is Caradoc, her soul-mate and lover, father of her son.  Together these two can forge a strategic alliance with the tribes of the east that might finally rid them of the enemy.

In the east, though, the legions are fighting their own battles and at their heart is a decurion of the auxiliary cavalry; Julius Valierus, a tribal man who has taken a Roman name, given himself to the Roman god Mithras and is wedded to the Roman victory.  His lover is gone, but he nurses a need for vengeance that over-rules the man he once was.

When Caradoc is betrayed and taken as a captive to Rome to face execution at the hands of the Emperor Claudius, Valerius is sent to guard him.  And thus does the Boudica’s brother come face to face with the Boudica’s lover and each learns the truth behind the lies that have been spun.  This tale of war, of invasion of occupation, of vengeance and retribution, this passionate, glorious sequel to Dreaming the Eagle resonates on many levels, but never ceases to engage.

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