Born and raised in Scotland - and still a Scot at heart - Manda has been, variously, a veterinary surgeon, veterinary anaesthetist, acupuncturist (people and animals), crime writer, columnist, blogger, economist - and author.  In between, she teaches shamanic dreaming, creative writing and concept-based dog training.




Little known facts about Manda


She is a talented remover of butterflies and moths from the bedroom so that her partner can dare to go to sleep.

She starts to sing Scottish songs as soon as she crosses the border in the car.

She likes dancing whilst cuddling the cat.

She has a habit of putting pans and crockery back in the cupboard before anyone had a chance to use them. (if you grow up in a house full of birds, this is *entirely* understandable).

She likes flying metaphorical kites and always has a few in the air.

She loves going out and meeting people but when she’s at home she turns into a hermit.

She hates going on holiday unless it’s to do something practical like learn a new skill.

Left to her own devices she would fill the house with animals.

She can kill a plant whilst trying to plant it, however kind she tries to be.

She gets really happy when a new chicken lays its first egg.

She couldn’t live without a real fire in the house in the winter.

She never notices what people are wearing (but always notices what breed of dog they have).

She is an excellent map reader and never goes anywhere without one.

If the Guardian newspaper doesn’t arrive she can’t start the day.

She overcame her fear of heights by learning to climb.

She does her best thinking whilst walking or driving.

She thinks it’s impossible to have enough gooseberry bushes in your garden.

It takes her ages to decide on a name for a new pet – it has to express who they are to perfection.

Her favourite vegetable is broad beans raw, straight out of the pod.

She’s addicted to … Computer games. Adrenaline. that writing buzz, training dogs and horses, riding… and pushing barrows full of horse dung….

Her favourite …
Film: Demain
TV: Babylon Berlin, Britannia
Book: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders & Out of the Wreckage,  by George Monbiot
Place: home, wherever that is

She really hates ….
Traveling – she gets a migraine with the smell of jet fuel
Alcohol. Chocolate. Sugar. Coffee. Recorded Music.  Yes, really; all of those
Combat Rogues.

She loves…
The Iron Age hill fort on the other side of the vally & the smell of damp dog/cat/person.
Landing a winning heal on the flag carrier in Warsong Gulch.



Writing is an incredibly solitary occupation. It's always good to connect with people who share the same realities. So go on, get in touch...

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