Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle

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New York Times

‘A masterpiece of historical fiction, Scott’s richly detailed novel brilliantly captures the driven, passionate soul of the Celts. The lyric prose captivates, the characters ensare. In Scott’s talented hands,  the legendary Celtic queen Boudica breathes, lives and absolutely rivets. ‘ Karen Marie Moning

J M Auel

‘A powerful novel, alive with the love, deceit, wisdom, and heroics of humanity’

Scotland on Sunday

‘Every so often a book comes along that totally remoulds a historical figure for our own times…’

The Independent Magazine

‘ …it deals with the clash of two very different senses of the sacred. Scott is almost as good on the authoritarian rational piety of the best of the Roman invaders as she is on the wild, intense spirituality of her Druids and female warriors.’


It is AD 34 and a young girl of the Eceni loses her mother, killed in an attack by a neighbouring tribe. Such things did not used to happen, but Rome seeks slaves and pays well for them and the slavers are ever more audacious in their attacks.  Left alone, the young Breaca must walk on through the rites of passage that will take her from childhood into an uncertain adulthood.  She can be a warrior or a dreamer, but what she wants is not always what she needs and is certainly not what she gets.  Meanwhile, on the continent, an Emperor grows restless and wishes to demonstrate his own power.  To do that, he needs military victory and a small land on the edge of the ocean may provide that.

Gloriously imagined, Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle recreates the beginnings of a story so powerful its impact has survived through the ages, recounting the journey to adulthood of Breaca, who at twelve kills her first warrior, and her sensitive, skilful half-brother Ban, who carries with him a vision of the future that haunts his waking hours. In the company of a supreme storyteller, the reader is plunged into the unforgettable world of tribal Britain in the years before the Romans came: a twilight world of Dreamers and the magic of the gods; a world where horses and dogs and the landscape itself become characters in their own right; where warriors fight for honour as much as victory. Above all, it is a world of passion and courage and spectacular, heart-felt heroism pitched against overwhelming odds.

Translated into over a dozen languages, this international Best-seller, tells the extraordinary, resounding story of Britain’s ‘warrior queen’, the woman who remains one of the great female icons – to read it is to discover our history, to learn about ourselves and our heritage.