Boudica: Dreaming the Serpent Spear

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The Independent

‘These books area an immense accomplishment, a quartet that gives us back our own history. They will be read and re-read many times ‘  Jane Jackeman

David Gemmell

‘Heart rending and magnificent’

Books Quarterly

‘A complex tapestry woven with great skill’

The Times

‘I have just finished Manda Scott’s Boudica quartet. I was totally sucked into her world and fought to get to the next parts before long flights. The Roman invasions seemed to bear a close resemblance to what is happening today. It is both reassuring and tragic to think that we’re still not learning from our mistakes.’ Nick Atkinson


Britannia, AD 60: The tribes of Britannia are ready to seek bloody vengeance. Twenty thousand warriors are poised to reclaim their land from the invaders. Now is their chance: the Roman governor has marched his legions west, leaving his capital and a vital port undefended.There is no going back.But to crush her enemies for all time, the Boudica must do more than lead her army in the greatest rebellion Britain has ever known. She must find healing for herself, for the land – and for Graine, her eight-year-old daughter.Colchester is burning. London has been destroyed. Amidst fire and bloody revolution, the Boudica and those around her must fight to keep what matters most – now and for all time.